So…I was watching some youtube vids and strange enough I landed on this video of a girl. She was giving a testimony of her life and talked about what is her purpose in life. One part caught my attention was when she mentioned that God knew who you were before you were born and the only way to find out who you are is to find out who is your creator, who is God? If you really want to, start with your name and find the meaning behind your name and why it was given to you. I mean I was kind of ehh…because obviously most people don’t know the meaning of their names or rather having another meaning behind it. The meaning behind my name? According to my parent (Dad) it means “Full” to be full of everything, life, happiness, etc… basically everything in my life. Which isn’t always good to be “Full” of something, there’s good and bad. Then I decided to look up the meaning of my name. I searched on Google, “meanings for names.” Honestly, I never found a website that has my name on it but to my surprised my name was there. It took me a few 10- 15 clicks before I got to my name and there it was ” the name Din means- religion faith belief.” Wow, just a thought I’d like to share. If people know me, knows that the possibility of finding another Din or even get a key chain from Disney Land would be well….Actually the key chain part would be impossible to find but not impossible to custom design :P. I honestly don’t know how to connect the meaning of it to the purpose of my life, but just finding my name on a website was quite interesting.