My day started at 9 A.M for a Bio lecture. I always get really antsy waiting for cars to move so I can park, but everyone always sit in their cars for the longest time. Because I was on a time crunched, I had to be in class within 5 mins and that’s basically walking distance from parking lots to class. I got to class on time and got out 11:50 and went to Target (one of my favorite stores.) As you can see from below, I needed to get cleaning supplies. I literally stood at the cleaning aisle for 20 minutes reading everything and deciding what I should get.  I finally ended up with 

it is natural so the stench wouldn’t be overwhelming. I also got  this because I needed for some intense scrubbing without scratching the surface. 😛 

I also got other things like a binder and Dawn dish soap. I drove to the new house and started to clean. But i’m not sure if it really worked… hmm I wanted to get KABOOM from the infomercial but …not for my bathroom… :[ my bathroom doesn’t have tiles and neither are any of the other bathrooms. How weird is that? I might try bleach instead. I was really tempting to buy this  doesn’t it look like the safety scissors of  knives? Safety knives? I’m into anything that’s gimmicky, but most likely won’t buy it, honestly don’t know why. I walked around the house and sprayed it with French Vanilla. This is one of their holiday collection scents (French Vanilla doesn’t seem so…special for the holidays like peppermint…) I then went to the salon for my hair appointment. I got a trimmed and now it look like my hair never grew from the last cut! :] During it I was talking to my friend about how strange it is for others to not be able to accept non-Christian people. I understand it’s good to be around Christians, but sometime it’s good to open up to others; because this is how you can spread the word and love. An example would be YG, due to teenagers having a stigma of being rebellious (mmhm), I know it’s pretty tempting to be under peer pressure or not having a good environment for them to hang out. Therefore, YG is a good place for Christians and non-Christians to learn and grow. This is why we always have to pray, ask for forgiveness, seek for guidance, and learn from our mistakes. It is hard to break bad habits, but we are human beings and will always mess up here and there. This is how people may view us as, “the oh so holy people and when we messed up they find reasons to make us look bad.” All i’m saying is,  it’s ok and I’m glad  the kids at YG are there and even though they may not be interested now I know God has a plan for them, and knowing that they have heard about Jesus and know his name. I just hope that they won’t be distracted by others that they lose focus on their walks. It is easy to point what is wrong with others and how people are affecting you, you should focus on yourself because if you truly want to learn, nothing can distract you.