Okay so… my parents have been complaining about how I don’t help out *reason of stepping down so I can help* even though I have been helping and they are never satisfied. Since I’m living at home they depend on me all the time, they assume I have no school work and always ask me at the worst time ever! ūüėź I told them so many times that I have school on Friday and since I don’t have MS Office 2010 I stay at school longer to finish my work. My dad got mad at me for even saying i’m busy with school work, as if it’s not allowed. I understand moving is stressful (obviously it’s affecting me now) but knowing my dad who is an aggressive and have no patience will blow things out of proportion, because he feels like he’s doing this alone. I am doing the best I can right now, but when it ¬†comes to paperwork that involves property insurance etc… I’m not sure if i’m capable of filling them out and might misunderstand the whole meaning of it. I don’t know, since I already packed my stuff and my devotion book is in the box…forgot to leave that out and now i’m just reading the one off of my phone. I am almost finished with my room (packing). The only thing now is to move the book shelf, drawers, bed, and computer desk (really want to get rid of it). How Asian am I? Since my closet is pretty small majority of my clothes are in baskets already so all I have to do is to carry the baskets and I will be done with the moving (my room). To de-stress, scented candle (frosted cranberry or anything cranberry for the winter is my favorite), water, green tea w/honey, and The Big Bang Theory (favorite T.V show as of right now next to Food-network¬†shows). Praying to de-stress and it is¬†really¬†effective, of course I would have to do that before I get to the whole candle light and favorite T.V show on. I get really anxious driving sometime because of slow drivers or drivers that doesn’t seem to know where they’re going, so I always turn on K-Love for some music and sing-a-long to calm myself down before I get mad. Honestly, I don’t like driving because there are so many bad drivers out there. What I mean by that is, people who doesn’t signal, cut off right last minute, false signals, driving too slow or too fast, and the people who doesn’t know the road rules.

What I need to do/get.

  • Take ITE quizzes on MIL
  • Study for Bio lab
  • Ready Bio chapters
  • Get a new mouse for laptop
  • Look for HIS book (class starting soon)
  • Take MTH quizzes on MML
  • Do everything by Saturday night.
  • Things to clean bathroom
  • Room accessories ( curtains, rugs, and other random nic nacs)