Lately I have been really out of it, all I have been doing is fixing the house. I didn’t know the day and time anymore. I come home dirty and tired. Now school is about to start tomorrow and I already have assignments to do; while i’m stressing about moving I’m also stressing about school and getting all of my books and assignments done. This causes me to become really exhausted mentally and physically. I can’t handle my responsibilities anymore and I feel like I’m really letting people down this time and they may not understand but it’s something I need to do now. I just need to get everything sorted out and step down from my position for now. If I can’t commit 100% I don’t think it’s right for me to hold anyone back even though I would love to be part of YG, but there are times I just can’t push myself to go on. *sigh* I need to go and buy books from the bookstore …everything is so expensive.