This summer has really been something alright… I had my ups and downs but you know what? This summer might not be as great as last summer because of summer classes but I still love the fact that I have to time to fellowship with my girls and the guys of course. I struggled a few time in the middle of the summer with my faith; I wasn’t going anywhere. I know what I have done wrong but I can’t seem to be able to say no to temptations. I would rather watch movies and making excuses of not being able to do my devotion because I had to study. I was suppose to keep up with the college girls bible study but I couldn’t after the 4th week. (total fail) I was suppose to hang out with all the youth girls and go out with them and get to know them better IE. shopping, beach, froyo etc… (BAHA) I am making it up though ;] and I am working on it.*we’re having a girls night out and we’re dressing up. Oh, how exciting~ :] It is time to pull out the dress from the back of my jungle closet.

There has been a lot of relationship thoughts running through some of the girls and no matter what I say they will still do what they want to and of course I’m not here to totally tell them you can’t date and all. All I can offer is my two cents and some advices on relationships. It’s not all about having someone because you’re feeling lonely. . . (brain fart)

Sorry, that’s all I can say about that; I’m not the best person for relationship advice. -.- I just tell you what I know from experiences. I’ve only been in a relationship for two years, there’s not much I can tell you. Pray  for guidance.

I’ve been a Christian since I was a Junior in high school which is not that long ago. I’m still learning the stories, the names and what God wants me to do. I can say it is really hard to remember all the stories. I’m so jelly people can recall all the stories ahha, I need one those Dexter’s head gear thing. (omelette du fromage)

* I have scattered brain nothing make much sense but for those who can comprehend this I applaud you.