Today was probably a really busy day… Well, I had to take my mom’s SUV to this place in Lynnhaven area to get it check up but the dude wasn’t even there… tsk tsk. Closing hour… 5 P.M~ it was only 3 and he’s ASIAN! I’ve never seen an Asian person willing to leave work early. So, we had to drive back, urg wasted gas. Chinh was way ahead of me for some reason, I was caught up in the traffic. I thought he would take another exit rather than norfolk but I guess not. There were traffic around that area when we left. I went down the exit before that and got back to my mom’s work place to drop off  the car. I went into farm fresh and got me some CHICKENS~ aww yea who doesn’t like chicken? besides the vegans and vegetarians…but it’s ok they still love the fact of eating tofurkey. jk jk fast forwards~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Totally forgot~ I over heard this lady at the mall ” gurllll, look at dem jeans OooOo I would bump that. ”    That’s something you should take in consideration if you ever decide to buy jeans, is it bump-able? If not then of course you shouldn’t buy it, duhhh…

ok we’re at the church…I was early…hmm chinese people. haha. Everything was set up blah blah made some water balloons that shaped like pears… squashes, gourds, cucumbers and the rest up to your imaginations…. I filled up some and put it in my pocket and hoping to attack someone but I totally FAILED! First one I threw at Vivian really the …chest. I hit her but the balloon didn’t POP! I threw a second one at Gary but he used his crazy towel movements and it landed on the ground and popped. The third one I threw at Vivian again because of my failure the first time. It just bounced off of her~ what was she wearing? water balloons repellent?

P.S my blog would have so many grammars and punctuation errors that might make you wanna peer edit my blog. It’s ok, I only type like this because I wanna get you in the move with my lingo.