So…today I ran into my old high school teacher and called out to him
“Mr. Perry!” I start the conversation and then it ended within a min because he had a class to attend * he teaches ESL as a part time job*
I was actually on my way out of class to the restroom, as I walked into the stall. I sat there and thought…omgosh….that was not his name. That pee did not release any embarrassment, I was feeling. I felt so bad. The whole reason why my brain decided to call him Mr. Perry was because he reminds me of Matthew Perry from friends. Also, because of one of my fav. teachers back in middle school was Mr. Perry.
ahh well he turned around…so I guess he didn’t know his name either. haha

I guess when I have to pee really bad I shouldn’t be having a conversation.
I might mistakenly called you out by a whole new name… -.-“